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wayofthemusic's Journal

Way Of The Music: The Music Review Community
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Ok, I started this community to help myself, and others, discover new music by way of other users reviews. Very simple idea, just write a short (or long, whatever..) review of any albums you may have. Simple as that, just remember to include:

The Band/Artist Name
The Album Title
The Album Cover
(No larger than 150x150 please. Any larger then please use a cut. If possible host this yourself: Photobucket . Steal bandwidth if you wish, I can't stop you but I don't condone it.)
Year of Release and Label (If unknown, its fairly simple to find out... so FIND OUT!)
and finally, a rating of your choosing.

I DON'T encourage uploads of full albums, I believe this will damage the music community. I DO encourage uploads of single tracks, so if you wish to include one of these within your review, feel free to do so.

http://www.yousendit.com is the best way to do this for any newbies about.. although I must point out there are other similar sites about. Uploads will only last 7 days from posting, but please DON'T LINK DIRECTLY TO MUSIC.

I don't mind bands such as Keane and Coldplay, but I draw the line at acts such as McFly, Britney Spears and their like. This is an alternative community, pop music (and Good Charlotte) is not welcome. Sorry.

Please don't pisstake on other users reviews, not everyone can write as well as others, and not everyone has the same taste. If I see any pisstaking which is obviously not in a light-hearted way people will be banned without hesitation.