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Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come

Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come

1998 - Burning Heart

This album is fantastic on the first listen, and just gets better and better with every play. At first the utter power could be somewhat overwhelming, but listen harder and it becomes clear Refused were methodical about the arrangements, and clinical in their execution. It hits you like a train, but a very good sounding train.

Aside from the creative musicianship, the vocal work here is also astounding. Dennis Lyxzen’s voice is venomous, spitting out song after song with a seeming never-ending energy. And given the lyrical ability of the band, the end effect is very pleasing. A creative mix for a genre which is so often just hit and run, 2 minutes of neck-breaking power at a time. Then it starts all over again. Refused break the tradition, with their stunning talent they don’t need shock tactics, they play interesting and intelligent songs, a fresh idea for punk at the time.

After the viciousness of the previous 11 tracks which bore a hole directly through your mind, the final track, The Apollo Programme Was A Hoax, is a gentle acoustic song, which completes the album on a calm, mellow note and leaves you satisfied that the last hour was spent in the company of a brilliant band with new ideas, who really meant it when they said this was the “Shape of Punk to Come”.

Standout Tracks: Protest Song ’68, Refused Are Fuckin Dead

Punk, Hardcore, Post Hardcore

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