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Razorwire - A Bullet Called Pride

Razorwire - A Bullet Called Pride

2005 - Psychophonic Records

Think One Minute Silence but heavier, with touches of metalcore melody and a hip-hop groove and you’re not far off what this band sound like. It’s nicely heavy in places, without losing the upbeat sound of hip-hop and they don’t sound like they’re playing it to suit others. This music is in their blood, they fucking love it and want everyone else to as well.

What’s more, this lot can actually write songs which are good lyrically as well as great for the ears, Hooked and Detonate being good examples. There’s no Fred Durst style stupidity here..

A huge problem which has befallen British rap-metal bands like Lostprophets is the stupid belief that if they try to sound American then it makes them better. When it’s bloody obvious it does not. Razorwire crucially don’t do this, and as a result don’t sound fake. They’re British and proud of it and it makes this album a hell of a lot better.

Hopefully this will kickstart a style of music which has taken a hammering lately, a very good album and well worth a listen or ten.

Standout Tracks: Lock Down, Detonate

Rap-metal, Metalcore, Hip-hop, Nu-metal

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