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[21 Nov 2006|11:32am]


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The Decomposers live [16 Oct 2006|09:50am]

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The Decomposers [06 Oct 2006|04:40pm]

The Decomposers new video is out now!

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[20 Feb 2006|01:47am]

Strip Squad
The Adventures of Strip Squad

Recently I discovered Strip Squad, a 5 piece Swedish indie band. In 2003, they started playing music together because they all shared the common interest of getting drunk and stripping. At least, they claim so in their myspace profile. Their new album, The Adventures of Strip Squad, is self supported and you can buy it on-line at their site (www.stripsquad.se).

First thing that came to mind when I heard these guys was "perverted European version of Moldy Peaches." It's playful with a clap-hands acoustic touch. When not acoustic, the music background sounds something of electro buzz. The main singer is usually the male, and the females join in singing or, at times, talking over and around his voice. This is some of the cutest and most soothing lo-fi music I have come across in a long time. Below are my two favorite tracks off of their new album. If you like it go to their site and listen to more! Or buy the album, for only 6 EU/$7!

1) Down and Out and Away
2) Hairless Youth of Bosnia


2005, Self-Released
Indie, Lo-fi
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[06 Jan 2006|02:14pm]


Dir en grey
Clever Sleazoid
Firewall DIV / Warcon / Free Will America (September [Japan])
Genre: J-Rock

In a way, Dir en grey are one of the best bands you've never heard - a band who, like the Cure, can't be catergorized because nothing suits their music. They hail from the Land of the Rising Sun and if you have the Taste of Chaos CD, you may've heard one or two of their tracks already. However, Clever Sleazoid is one of their worst works yet, an embarrassing single that shouldn't be released with the American release of Withering to death.

Kyo has an incredibly thick Japanese accent & understanding what he's saying is a headache in itself. The lyrics are all in English, yet on first hearing it does sound like Japanese. A shame really, these actually have one or two good lines such as "I'm just a third-rated star covered in blood". Musically standing, it sounds like KoRn! The guitars seem to be able to play a maximum of two chords in Drop D, which is annoying once you've heard earlier songs with a lot more guitar work & expermination. Dir en grey have definitely taken a step back, Clever Sleazoid is the proof.

It's not that the song is bad, it's that once you've heard songs like "embyro", "Machiavellism" & "Cage" that they have done better & can do better. For an American nu-metal band, Clever Sleazoid would be a perfect release. For Dir en grey, it's a bit pathetic really.


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Alkaline Trio - Crimson [11 Oct 2005|05:31pm]

Alkaline Trio - Crimson

2005 - Vagrant

This album is a bit of a tricky one, a few standout tracks are neatly surrounded by some pretty bland efforts, much like every other Alk 3 release. This is slightly disappointing as the talent is obviously there yet keeping it going across a full album just seems that little bit too much.

Alkaline Trio retain their crown as one of the darkest mainstream punk bands of the day, and keep with it their originality. I like it when bands get radio play (Time To Waste got a lot on Radio One in the UK) but if they lose what makes them them, then its kinda pointless. Thankfully it doesn’t happen here, they almost made it with Good Mourning and Crimson should push them over fully.

It’s clear that a change in sound has occurred here, whether to put them in the mainstream or not I don’t know, but it does work and it keeps the band fresh for this, their 5th full length release.

Nice work from Skiba, Adriano and Grant, but yet again not perfect.

Standout Tracks: Time to Waste, Back to Hell

Punk, Emo, Rock

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Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come [04 Oct 2005|01:53pm]

Refused - The Shape Of Punk To Come

1998 - Burning Heart

This album is fantastic on the first listen, and just gets better and better with every play. At first the utter power could be somewhat overwhelming, but listen harder and it becomes clear Refused were methodical about the arrangements, and clinical in their execution. It hits you like a train, but a very good sounding train.

Aside from the creative musicianship, the vocal work here is also astounding. Dennis Lyxzen’s voice is venomous, spitting out song after song with a seeming never-ending energy. And given the lyrical ability of the band, the end effect is very pleasing. A creative mix for a genre which is so often just hit and run, 2 minutes of neck-breaking power at a time. Then it starts all over again. Refused break the tradition, with their stunning talent they don’t need shock tactics, they play interesting and intelligent songs, a fresh idea for punk at the time.

After the viciousness of the previous 11 tracks which bore a hole directly through your mind, the final track, The Apollo Programme Was A Hoax, is a gentle acoustic song, which completes the album on a calm, mellow note and leaves you satisfied that the last hour was spent in the company of a brilliant band with new ideas, who really meant it when they said this was the “Shape of Punk to Come”.

Standout Tracks: Protest Song ’68, Refused Are Fuckin Dead

Punk, Hardcore, Post Hardcore

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Razorwire - A Bullet Called Pride [02 Oct 2005|10:05pm]

Razorwire - A Bullet Called Pride

2005 - Psychophonic Records

Think One Minute Silence but heavier, with touches of metalcore melody and a hip-hop groove and you’re not far off what this band sound like. It’s nicely heavy in places, without losing the upbeat sound of hip-hop and they don’t sound like they’re playing it to suit others. This music is in their blood, they fucking love it and want everyone else to as well.

What’s more, this lot can actually write songs which are good lyrically as well as great for the ears, Hooked and Detonate being good examples. There’s no Fred Durst style stupidity here..

A huge problem which has befallen British rap-metal bands like Lostprophets is the stupid belief that if they try to sound American then it makes them better. When it’s bloody obvious it does not. Razorwire crucially don’t do this, and as a result don’t sound fake. They’re British and proud of it and it makes this album a hell of a lot better.

Hopefully this will kickstart a style of music which has taken a hammering lately, a very good album and well worth a listen or ten.

Standout Tracks: Lock Down, Detonate

Rap-metal, Metalcore, Hip-hop, Nu-metal

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